Master Subjects

I:Training Objectives

Form the high leveled applied professional talents who master the related design theoretical knowledge, the ability to solve realistic problems, to undertake professional design skills and management, and possess international vision, good professional ethics and qualities.

II:Academic system and structure

The course is normally 3 years full-time. But can be extended to a maximum of 5 years. Generally, application to graduate early will not be accepted.

III. Specialisation Groups

  1. Visual Communication & Multimedia Design
  2. Product Design
  3. Environmental&Urban Regeneration Design
  4. Public art&International Curatorial Studies
  5. Animation and Video Design
  6. Fashion Design

IV. Training Method

  1. Full time study model according to specializations.
  2. Enhance case study, seminar teaching model, simulation training, situational teaching ect.
  3. Enhance the training of practical ability, promote the link between practical and theoretical teaching, the link between final thesis and final design project. Enhance the training of the consciousness and the ability to solve realistic problems.
  4. Establish the “in-out campus” dual tutor system, construct the tutorial system with both tutors in the campus and the industrial professionals out of the campus to direct together the practical teaching and final thesis.
  5. Fully develop the “2+1 double degree joint program”.

V:Credit Requirements and Curriculum Setting

Students are required to complete at least 52 credits, which include 10 credits for common courses, 6 credits for compulsory professional courses, 6 credits for selective courses and 30 credits for professional practical courses:

Course Category Course Name Compulsory Selective Semester Hours Credits
Common Course Foreign language yes 1st Semester 36 2
Theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics yes 1st Semester 36 2
Marxism and social science methodology yes 1st Semester 18 1
Integrated humanities – science literacy seminars yes 1st Semester 54 3
Art principles yes 1st Semester 36 2
Compulsory Professional


Material and form yes 1st Semester 54 3
Design documents index and study method yes 2nd Semester 54 3
Compulsory Pratical


Studio Practice Course I yes 1st Semester 108 6
Studio Practice Course II yes 2nd Semester 108 6
Studio Practice Course III yes 3rdSemester 108 6
Studio Practice Course IV yes 4th Semester 108 6
Profession Practice yes 5th Semester 108 6


Selective Course
(each semester will open 6 courses for students to choose)

Animation masters research yes 36 2
Experimental animation creation yes 36 2
Culture &Aesthetics of Brand Identity yes 36 2
Case study: illustration design yes 36 2
Case study: poster design yes 36 2
Green packaging design yes 36 2
Case study: brand visual identity design yes 36 2
Product design frontier yes 36 2
Design psychology research yes 36 2
Methodology study of product design yes 36 2
Culture study of product design yes 36 2
Design industry and business model yes 36 2
Brand communication and management yes 36 2
Analysis of contemporary art works yes 36 2
Contemporary image art yes 36 2
Engineering research of product design yes 36 2
Case study: landscape design history yes 36 2
Case study: Interior design history yes 36 2
Case study: urban renewal design yes 36 2
Aesthetic Appreciation of the Human Settlement Environment Design of the Classical Gardens in the South of the Yangtze River yes 36 2
Urban Open Space yes 36 2
Cognition and Space yes 36 2
Research and Practice of Space yes 36 2
Research and Practice of Art History yes 36 2
Theory and Methodology of Mass Communication yes 36 2
Curatorial Project Research and Practice yes 36 2
Exhibition Histories yes 36 2
Jewelry Accessory Design yes 36 2
Costume Design yes 36 2
Selective Course
(The courses is open based on the actual needs every semester)
Research on teaching of Body Rhythm and Music Rhythm yes 36 2
Classic literature reading yes 36 2
Valuation and Observation:Ancient gold and silverware yes 36 2
Chinese Traditional Painting Art Market yes 36 2
Collection and Valuation on Chinese Traditional Painting yes 36 2
 Cultural anthropology yes 36 2
Visual Art yes 36 2
Art of speech expression yes 36 2
Experience Theater workshop yes 36 2
Fictional reading and study (novel) yes 54 3
Selected Readings of World Literature yes 36 2
Contemporary Literature and Culture yes 36 2
Total At least 52 credits are acquired, 10 credits for common courses, 36 credits for compulsory courses, and 6 credits for selective courses.

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