English-taught Program in Master of Fine Arts (MFA) School of Design, ECNU

English-taught Program in Master of Fine Arts

Overview & Training Goals:

The graduate program (MFA) in School of Design, East China Normal University offers an interdisciplinary study and research platform, which includes five discipline directions: FASHION DESIGN, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN, PUBLIC ART, and ANIMATION DESIGN. Students are free to choose courses that interest them among these four different directions.

Aiming to bridge the gap between academic research and professional practice, the courses in the MFA Program is project-based, class is combining with realistic project. The program focuses on not only academic research but also cutting-edge practical technologies and skills.

The MFA programs specializes in Chinese-featured Courses, including Chinese Traditional Art Analysis, Chinese Public Realm, Chinese Traditional Garden and Architecture, Chinese Art and Craft History etc. In addition to the academic features about Chinese tradition and history, the program also promotes research topics bout China contemporary issues in different fields, such as Public Art, Urban Renewal and Industrial Design.

International collaborations play an important role in the MFA program, which provides students with diverse international workshop, lectures and events.


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